PT. Mosa Ocean Cargo Home (MSCU), established since 2009 by Mr.. Matt H. Jilani, an individual who is experienced in the field of International Freight Forwarding and Transportation since the '90s. From the background of the experience, PT.MSCU is one company that is constantly being developed to be the choice for many companies that need freight services both domestically and abroad. Pengirman goods industry is very important and a lot of challenges and Problems to be solved technically operationalization and legal documentation as it relates to various other agencies such as Customs, administrative Ports, Shipping Lines, Flight and PBM as well as other transporters that are interconnected in a shipment of goods due to production needs require certainty of time, therefore, the experience became the main capital in developing the business in a company.
The concept is to be developed is a one-stop shipping solution for various business purposes (delivery of manufactured goods, project goods, heavy equipment and other corporate purposes), either through City Courier and Documents service, lightning Package, Cargo and Container Brikbulk and services ocean freight exim, to all parts of the archipelago and abroad with the support by network outlets in major cities all over Indonesia as well as support a variety of air shipping companies that have a presence in Indonesia.

Developing creativity in the field of business consistent delivery and make full company benefits because the solution is always awaited and needed by the business and for our fellow human life and sustainable berkeseimbangan.


- PT. MSCU will be in all major cities in INDONESIA,

- Has the most famous brands in the regional shipping industry in Indonesia.

- PT. MSCU will have the largest market share appears logical in the shipping industry.

- PT. MSCU will be the first choice delivery firms to cooperate on a global scale INDONESIA region.

- PT. MSCU will integrate the entire city - cities in INDONESIA.
- PT. MSCU will use information and communication technology, appropriate to support its operations.
- PT. MSCU will always improve the quality of service to enhance customer satisfaction.
Integrated delivery
All outlets we are agents of PT.MSCU serving delivery to all parts INDONESIA with international quality no doubt. In addition, we also serve the shipping documents in Greater Jakarta with MSCU city courier service, which is a pioneer in the use of GPS technology (Global Positioning System) in its transportation fleet.


Jl. Lapangan Bola No. 52 Kranji Bekasi Barat Bekasi
Jawa Barat , Indonesia